Rent Items

Learn how to rent items, how long they last and what are their statistics

Rent items were created to help casual players to enjoy PvP for a weekend, they must do at least 50rr (40,000 GP) each time to claim their rented package which consist for the following items:

  • Apprentice set +11+16+L+2 Opt+Ancient Tier (See our gear guide for more detailed description)
  • Lv.3 Wings +11+16+L+2 Opt
  • Pendant and rings excellent (random attribute) +11+16+2 Opt

All these items last only 3 days once they expire their options will be worthless, you can sell them to the NPC afterwards. You can claim as many rented set as you want as long as you pay the price. These sets cannot be improved by any mean. No weapons are included in the rented package.

How to rent a package:

In-game press the hotkey "x" and go to miscellaneous you will see a subcategory called Rentals, pick the package according to your class, be careful tho once the purchase is made you cannot trade, store or sell the items until the time expire so please verify you are buying the correct package for your class.

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    Jul 11, 2018
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