Goblin Points

Learn how to earn Goblin Points and how to use them!

Goblin points are used along with wcoins to purchase different items in our xshop, it is relatively easy to earn it and you will be able to earn your first goblin points when you are maxed at around 50 resets and exchange it for GP. Goblin points can be obtained in three ways:

  1. Exchange Resets for Goblin Points
  2. Hunting Bosses
  3. Hunting in high level maps

Exchange Resets for Goblin Points
We value each resets you do in our server that's why the more you reset the stronger you can get! You can exchange your resets in our website accordingly to the current configuration (it may change from time to time), just login with your account and in your User Control Panel you will see a module called "Exchange Resets for GP", we start with 50 resets for 40,000 GP and give a bonus of GP if you exchange more resets at once. Remember that exchanging your reset will not reduce your Top Reset rank or reset your stats.

Hunting Bosses
When you kill different bosses you will be awarded with goblin points, the amount of goblin points depends in the difficulty of the boss. Golden monsters, white wizard and red dragons does not display a message of earned GP when you kill them but the others do. Here is the list of goblin points awarded by different bosses in our server:

Boss Kundun Selupan Core Magriffy Lord Silvester Medusa Lord of Ferea Knicks God of Darkness
Goblin Points 3800 3100 3400 3700 4000 4300 4500 4800

Hunting in high level maps
Each mob you kill awards you with goblin points, the higher level the monster more goblin points will be obtained, any spot in the following map is called Farm zone because it's intended to be a place to level up master level and obtain goblin points and not for your character to reset, it will also be challenging to hunt these monster but they will reward pretty well after a long journey. You can find this farm zone in maps like raklion, acheron, nars, ferea, nixies lake, deep dungeon and swamp of darkness. Please use the hotkey TAB to see where the farm zone are.

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    Jul 11, 2018
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