Guías del Juego

Todas las guías relevantes de nuestro amado servidor pueden ser contradas aquí.

Get Started

Learn how to Level up, do resets, add points, use Helper, and so on.

Ranking Systems

Learn how to Top up, be the best and rise in your clasification to be eligible to play in the most amazing tournaments!

Coins System

Learn how to obtain the different coins available in our server and what are they used for.

In-Game Store (xshop)

Learn how to use our xshop and enjoy the benefits it has for you!


Learn everything about EventSquare, how to play the events and earn a lot of Ruuds!

Custom Systems

Learn to enjoy most of your experiencie en WiggleMU using our different Custom System we made specially for you!

Set Classes

Learn how to obtain different sets and their custom options we made to provide you a blast experience in your journey.

Donations Guide

Learn how to donate through several different methods we offer to make it super simple and convenient. Help our beloved server and get the best gear!