In-Game Store (xshop)

Learn how to use our xshop and enjoy the benefits it has for you!

You can enter to our xshop by pressing the hotkey "X" in any map but event maps, our xshop is divided in 5 sections with sub categories in each of those

  1. Miscellaneous: Special items, VIP Subscription and all goblin points items can be found here.
  2. FO Weapons: All weapons in the game but sockets can be found here.
  3. FO Sets & Wings: Includes all sets, shields, wings, jewelry (rings and pendants) available in the game but sockets items.
  4. Prime Sets: All sets here are excellent + ancient which means it has both ancient and excellent option at the same time, these packages include the necessary items to complete a set (helm, armor, pants, gloves, boots) and any additional item that is not necessarily a set part but a complement to achieve the ancient options. You will also find a sub category called Madness set which are basically a mix of Prime Sets made to increase the amount of ancient options and maintain set bonus status.
  5. Majestic Sets: These are just like Prime sets, they are excellent + ancients and the package complement any ancient set with any additional excellent part to complete it. These sets are the strongest sets in the game and we have 4 classes that we believe are equal worth and gives our players more diversity in their builds.

Any item you purchase in our xshop will be send to your storage (remember that all items will only be storaged for one year) once you use it, it will be send to your inventory. If someone gift you an item it will be in the gift storage, same rules applies to your gift storage as for your normal storage.

Most of our content plays with the xshop items so you will be visiting it very often, please free feel to ask us any question in the corresponding section.


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    Jul 11, 2018
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