Wiggle Coins (WCoins)

Learn how to earn Wiggle Coins (WCoins) and how to use them!

WCoins are used to purchase items in our xshop, they can be earned by any of the following method:

Sealed Silver & Gold boxes
You must hunt these boxes in the continent of MU but they will be sealed to unseald (to open the box) you must combine it with a Silver or Gold key in the chaos machine; keys can be found in chaos cards in our xshop which can be bought with goblin points to see a more detailed guide please click this link.

MU Powerball LOTTO
You can purchase lottery tickets in our website using goblin points, every week the LOTTO is played and will award players who match at least 1 number or more with a lot of wcoins, we always have a starting pool of at least 2000 wcoins. For more detailed guide please visite this link.

Donating to our beloved server
You can also obtain wcoins by making a donation to our server accordingly to our current rate of exchange (US$1.00 = 100 wcoins), remember that your donation help us to keep delivering awesome content and support to our beloved community and increase our exposure through more advertising for a bigger server and more interesting experience in-game. (If you have any question about donation feel free to write us to [email protected]).


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    Jul 11, 2018
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