Ruud Coins

Learn how to earn Ruud Coins in EventSquare and how to use them!

Ruuds are coins that can only be obtained by winning events in Event Square. This coin can be used in the NPC James located in Event Square or Elbeland it will only show items for your specific character, meaning that if you are a dark wizard it will only show items for dark wizard and nothing more, for this reason you must play the events with the character that you want to build with ruud items.

There are a total of six events in Event Square and all of them prize you with ruuds if you win and/or achieve the required points to qualify for a Mastery Box, the level of the Mastery Box (Minor, Standard, Greater) depends in the amount of points you have done in the event (regardless of wether you win it or not) and an additional points for winning it (not applicable to devil square). You can only place 4 times per day each event.

How to earn ruuds:

Winning events: They are awareded after you have sucessfully win an event in Event Square. The ruuds awareded are as follows:

  • Blood Castle: Gives between 1000 and 5000 ruuds.
  • Chaos Castle: Gives between 1500 and 7500 ruuds.
  • Illusion Temple: Gives between 3000 and 15000 ruuds.
  • PvP Last Stand: Gives between 3000 and 15000 ruuds.
  • DoppelGanger: Chest have probability to drop Mastery Reward chest which contains ruuds 500~2000 ruuds.
  • Imperial Fortress: Killing Gaion will award you with 15000 ruuds.

Mastery Box: They are awarded for reaching the required points for a particular event and is an addition to wether you win the event or not. There are three levels:

  • Mastery Box (Minor): Gives between 500 and 2500 ruuds.
  • Mastery Box (Standard): Gives between 750 and 3750 ruuds.
  • Mastery Box (Greater): Gives between 1000 and 5000 ruuds.

Note: Mastery Box are given directly to your gregory case (use hotkey "k"), also please remember that items in your gregory case only last 1 day (24 hours), it is recommended to use it as soon as you earn it.

Require points per event to earn Mastery Box:

Event Name Minor Mastery Box Standard Mastery Box Greater Mastery Box
Blood Castle 700 1050 1200
Devil Square 200 420 650
Chaos Castle 50 75 125
Illusion Temple 50 75 100
DoppelGanger 60 250 600
Imperial Fortress 15 22 34


How to contribute points per event:

Blood Castle MonsterKill Destroy Gate Destroy Statue  -
Points awarded 1 900 1200 -


Devil Square MonsterKill - -  -
Points awarded 1 - - -


Chaos Castle MonsterKill Player Kill Winning  -
Points awarded 1 5 20 -


Illusion Temple Player Kill Statue Neutralize Winning  -
Points awarded 5 10 20 -


DoppelGanger Monster Kill Player Kill Winning  Ice Walker Kill
Points awarded 1 30 200 50


DoppelGanger Monster Kill Boss Monster Kill -  -
Points awarded 1 30 - -

Remember that our blood angel, dark angel, holy angel and awakening ancient sets are custom and upgrading from blood angel to awakening require little ruuds, so you have to work hard to get the first blood angel set and very little afterwards. Also remember that this set is one of the strongest set in the game and it is not easy to get but with dedication and hard work you will get it, if the journey seems hard for you, you may try other awesome sets available to you (see our gear guide).

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    Jul 11, 2018
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