Ranking Systems

Learn how to Top up, be the best and rise in your clasification to be eligible to play in the most amazing tournaments!

Top Resets

Show the first 20 characters with the most amount of resets, exchanging your resets for goblin points (see our guide here) will not reduce your reset number in this ranking.

Top PvP

Rank up! Earn points by killing other characters and lose it if they kill you, sum up and rank up. We have multiple division so you can track your progression, the higher rank you kill the more points you will earn but it also means that if a lower rank kills you you will lose more points. (Max points to win/lose are 50 pts)

Killing characters that are way below your rank level will not award you with points but expose you to lose maximum points if they end up killing you. So please do not camp lorencia killing noobs it aint going to do any good to you. Be aware if we find you or you are reported by other members trying to rank up  by killing a mule account you will be sanctioned according to our game rules (see our game rules here).

The available ranks are the following:

  • Challenger - Top 1 player
  • Inmortal - Top 5 players
  • Defender - Top 10 players
  • Divine - 5100 pts
  • Ancient - 4250 pts
  • Legend - 3400 pts
  • Archon - 2550 pts
  • Crusader - 1700 pts
  • Guardian - 850 pts
  • Herald - 170 pts

Within a rank you will progress earning stars which after reciving 5 stars will allow you to evolve to the next division. Happy PvP to everyone, and rank up!

WiggleMU Administration

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    Jul 11, 2018
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