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Learn how to Level up, do resets, add points, use Helper, and so on.
Get Started:

Everyone starts in Lorencia, Noria or Elbeland; you will start with nothing but a beginner pentagram box, you must collect zen so you can afford to buy better gear from the NPC (See NPC names that are related to your character) to survive in higher maps. Best way to collect zen is by using the MU Helper while leveling up. You will need enough zen for potions, to purchase your gear and save 50 millions before you reach Lv.400 to reset in-game.

To Level Up you must find spots which are places where many monsters are grouped together. You can find those spots by pressing the HotKey TAB in your keyboard you will open the minimap which will show you all spots available in that city. Be aware that as you move up in the warp menu the more difficult the monsters are and require you more resets to kill them or be max to survive, just having max agility won't help you there, you will also need more vitality and good gear that provides good defense like something +11~+15 with bonus defense, or at least some excellent items +DD (Damage Reduction). Higher maps like Raklion, Ferea, Nixies Lake and Acheron are hunt maps and they are very difficult to survive, level up there is not recommended.

Each level you do will reward Level Up Points which are going to make you stronger, each character has its own attribute that provides them damage. It's recommended that you know the character you are playing before adding points otherwise you will end up with a character that deals no damage. For reference:

  • Dark Knight: Strength
  • Fairy Elf: Agility
  • Dark Wizard: Energy
  • Magic Gladiator: Strength or Energy
  • Dark Lord: Strength or Command
  • Summoner: Energy
  • Rage Fighter: Strength or Vitality
  • Grow Lancer: Strength or Agility

To add points to your character faster you just have to use our command depending on the attribute you want to add.

  • /addstr - Adds Strength
  • /addagi - Adds Agility
  • /addene - Adds Energy
  • /addvit - Adds Vitality
  • /addcmd - Adds Command

For example to add 500 Strength to a character you have to type: /addstr 500

Once you reach Lv.400 you have to reset your character so you can start all over but stronger than before. To do this you have to use the in-game command /reset to reset your character to normal Lv.1. You don't need to remove your gear or disconnect your character it's all in-game and you will respawn in Lorencia bar ready to go to fight again. All points that were added before the reset will remain, so you must make sure that you have added all points to your statistics before perform a reset.

Remember that you reset once normal level reach 400 and not once your character reach lv.400. This is important to note if you have done the third quest and start gaining master level because it will sum up your normal levels to your master levels, for instance: if you are master Lv. 120 and normal Lv.400 your Level displayed will be Lv.520 nevertheless once you do a reset you will not lose your master levels, only normal levels are reseted therefore your normal Lv.400 will be Lv.1 now but your master Lv.120 will remain intact and therefore your total level will be Lv.121 it's important for you to know this This allows you to warp any map inmediatelly after reset that you meet the requirements.

We made it easy for you so all maps with spots to level up won't give you master levels. So you will always be notify when to you reach your max normal level no matter what master level you are.

It's recommended you do all quests after you reach max stats, to gain master level (from Lv.400 to 800) you have do the third quest and go to go higher maps than those where you level up normally, those maps are Raklion, Ferea, Nars, Nixies Lake and Swamp of Calmness. You will not just earn your master level there but you will also earn goblin points by killing monster in those maps (except swamp of calmness), once you reach Lv.800 you have to do the 4th quest to continue leveling up from 800 to 920, to gain experiencie from Lv.800 to 920 you MUST level up in Deep Dungeon, other maps will just not give you enough experience, the journey will be hard but it will be worth it, a wonderful word of builds will be unlocked once you start leveling up your extended master skill tree (use CTRL+A to visualize it once you do are 4th evolution).

Once you reach max stats and Lv.920 game does not over, we reward you in several ways for your resets and for playing so you can get better gear or even the best gear. You can exchange your resets for goblin points (Min 50rr = 40,000 GP) and use Goblin Points (See our Goblin Points guide) to buy anything you can from our xshop in-game (see our xshop guide), you can also hunt bosses and normal monster and be rewarded with excellent items and goblin points for it, plus in raklion you have a chance to earn 5 socket items by killing normal monsters (it won't be easy but it's obtainable) apart from the GP! You can hunt silver/gold boxes to earn wcoins once you open them with the keys that can be obtained from the Chaos Cards (see our chaos card guide) in our xshop (by using your hard earned goblin points).

We all want to be the strongest ones, it's up to you how much you really want it. We made it possible so you don't necessarily need to collect the strongest set in the game to be able to win PvP matches, our system is designed to give everyone a chance no matter what set you have, all of them had been boosted for maximum fun! (See our gear guide)

Thank you so much for reading this hope it helps, please feel free to ask any question in our forum.

Sincerely WiggleMU Administration
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    Jul 11, 2018
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